The Consortium

The Consortium circular flag
The Consortium is the cooperative Earth government of the 23rd-29th centuries. It was initially founded as the Space Colonization Consortium in 2156, an international organization of 57 countries with the goal of establishing human colonies outside Earth.

Later its goals and powers changed and it grew to encompass all the members of the former United Nations Organization. It became the first conjoint Earth government in 2263, when the success of the Bussard probe made the establishment of colonies outside Sol System a possibility. To reflect its new scope, the name was changed and it became simply the Consortium.

Early spacefaring enterprises (2156-2263)

The first successful SCC enterprise was the nickel-iron mining station on the asteroid Psyche.
These provided some of the materials for part of the Mars Project, the SCC’s next major enterprise.
Growing ever larger, the Space Colonization Consortium started investing in riskier projects. The first Bussard ramjet was one of these risky projects that turned out successful, and eventually led to the great shift into the establishment of an Earth-wide government.

The extra-solar colonization effort (2263-2532)

After the discovery of an habitable planet orbiting α Centauri A, later named Paradise, the Space Colonization Consortium became the first united Earth government, known simply as the Consortium.

The most important political contribution of the Consortium were the Fertility Laws, created to keep the population numbers in check.

Near the end of the 23rd century, the Consortium launched Adam, the first generation ship, with the goal of establishing a human colony in Paradise. A few decades later the second generation ship, the Eve, was launched towards another habitable planet, this time in orbit around Barnard’s Star.

Refocus on Sol System (2532-2744)

By the 26th century, after launching a total of five generation ships to extra-solar planets (α Centauri Ac, Barnard’s Star d, Sirius Af, τ Ceti c, and Achird d), the Consortium shifted its attention to the colonization of the rest of Sol system, including the main asteroid belt, Jupiter and Saturn’s moons, and the Trojan asteroids.

Reaching Type II (2740-3500?)

By the middle of the 28th century, the Consortium started the construction of a Dyson bubble expecting to turn Earth into a Kardashev type II civilization by the middle of the fourth millenium.

The Consortium

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